Disclaimer. By attending The Farms Market, you agree that you have read, understood and accept all of the following terms and conditions in full.
You also agree that you are not in any contractual conflict with any other market or organisation, or are prohibited from trading at The Farms Market for any other reason and you have sought your own legal advise regarding this matter. The Farms Market, it’s managers and employees can be in no way held liable for any losses or legal action against you if you are held in breach of contract from any existing or previous contracts or agreements whatsoever.

Trading hours of the market are from 10am to 3pm. Traders will have access to the site from 6:30am. Stallholders must occupy their site and be ready to trade by 9:30am and continue trading until 3:00pm. If a trader is going to be late, they must contact the market manager at their earliest convenience or at the latest by 09:30am or their site will be allocated to another trader. 
Vehicles will not be granted access for any reason to the market site before the specified finish of trading time of 3:10pm,.

Traders contact details must be kept up to date with the market managers and consent to be contacted by email. 
Payment in advance will guarantee a trading place at the market, on the day that has been paid for (subject to arriving before 07:30am). 
Ability to trade by turning up without advanced notice is subject to manager’s approval of product to be sold and space available. 
Trader’s sites are non transferable.
Stall sites will be allocated on each trading day by the managers and the manager’s decision on this matter is final, even if a stallholder has traded in a particular site on previous occasions. Setting up cannot commence before the manager’s approval.

Stallholders must have a current public and products liability insurance policy with a minimum cover of $20,000,000. No stallholder will be allowed to trade at the market without proof of this cover.

If the managers feel that the stall or trader is no longer suitable for The Farms Market, or their display is deemed by the market managers to be unfit for, or cause detriment to the market appearance on a whole, then that trader or stall may be asked to leave immediately and will not be invited back to The Farms Market.

Traders must cease trading at the specified time and not before. Upon closing, stallholders must leave their site rubbish free and take home with them their packing materials, plant boxes, empty cartons and cooking oil containers etc. All stallholder waste must be taken home at the end of the day. Failure to clean up adequately will incur an immediate cleaning charge of $25 payable to the market manager. On site bins are strictly for customer use only. 

Speed limit for any vehicle in the market area will be no more than 5KMH.
Please note there is one entry gate, and one exit gate. A 'one way' system is operational before and after the market.

Traders must unpack and remove their vehicle to the traders parking area as quickly as possible before setting up their stall.

Only in the event of hazardous weather or other extenuating circumstances the managers may declare the market to be cancelled. 
Bad weather will not result in a refund of all monies paid.
Should an event be cancelled (by the organiser prior to the market day, )  50% of your stall fee will be retained.

Cancellation of booking. Once booked in, a trader will forfeit the days stall rent if cancelled for reasons other than deemed reasonable by the managers. Weather, transport problems, attending other markets, staff problems or simply not wanting to come are not deemed as reasonable reasons to cancel.

Stalls must be secured to the ground in the event of winds by means of pegs and weights. If wind is blowing continuously at 40 KMPH (5 on the Beaufort Scale) gazebo canopies must be removed. All responsibility for accident or damage caused to person or property by unsecured gazebos or any other stallholders equipment or possessions will be assumed by the stallholder and not the responsibility of the market mangers or Killalea State Park.

Stallholders wishing to add new products to their stall must firstly apply in writing to the market manager and obtain approval before introducing the new products. No Counterfeit goods may be sold.

It is the responsibility of stallholders selling food to comply with all local, state and national food safety standards.Your own research is required for complete certification. Council inspectors will come from time to time. There is always a charge for this obligatory inspection. This charge, if made to the management of The Farms Market, will be passed on in full to the stallholder, along with any fines they impose. This inspection fee will be taken on the day of inspection and added to the stall rent fee. Fines will be billed separately.

If a stallholder wishes to sell products labeled as Organic, they must provide documentation from an accredited certification authority for each product and label accordingly. If this certification documentation is not available for the manager’s inspection, that product will not be allowed to be sold as Organic.

Stallholders will be allowed a maximum of 2 (9kg) LP gas cylinders (which must be in accordance with AS1596-1989) at their stall and must also have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and ground sheets. Any damage to surfaces must be repaired at the expense of the stallholder.

Electrical supply is not guaranteed by the market organisers but if available will be granted to a limited number of designated stall sites at the discretion of the market managers Electrical equipment must be tested to Australian Safety Standard AS3760. Electric cables must tagged in accordance with Work Cover requirements and must be equipped with a circuit breaker. Stallholders must provide their own extension leads to reach their site from the power supply. This length will vary from site to site. Rubber mats must be provided by the stallholder to cover the full length of the cable from stall to supply.
The market organisers provide the site only. Stallholders must therefore bring everything they require for their stall with them, including gazebos, tables, table cloths, stall signage etc. No refund of stall fee is applicable to traders failing to bring any display, set-up equipment or protection for their goods, even if the trader is unable to set up.

All public walkways and aisles must be kept completely clear at all times. 
No dogs or other animals may be brought into the market.

The market manager reserves the right to refuse entry to the market and/or terminate the stallholder’s participation at any time. Rude and or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate expulsion of that person and their stall from market.

The Farms Market will not be held liable for any claims made by customers against stallholders, regarding faulty, inedible or misrepresented products sold by traders at the market. All complaints made by customers regarding any product, food, or service sold at The Farms Market by any stall will be referred back to the trader to deal with. If satisfaction on the matter is not gained then the matter will be referred to the Consumer Affairs Bureau and the Office of Fair Trading.

Stall holders are responsible for the security of goods, equipment and monies. Please make sure all personal belongs are collected at end of day. The Committee or Killalea State Park is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items

All sites are unpowered unless an agreement has been made with management.